Maquinas y repuestos

3M Semi-Auto Dipping Machine equipped with Auto film layer+Auto spray system & A2 Production Arm

Dipping tank + Auto film layer + Auto spray system A powerful combination of all necessary important processes for WTP processing. From the very beginning laying, and the following activator spraying to the final dipping stage, done the main WTP process with only one button.  YHT-223A2XF not only makes WTP even simple, but more important – stability. Useful water transfer printing equipment. this system can memorize multiple sets of different processes OPTIONAL:  Auto film layer+Auto spray system  A2 Production Arm – Aluminum extrusion 

Automatic Continuous Flow Dipping Machine with Tri-con

Automatic dipping machine Continuously Flow Dipping Machine is a very excellent system with 1.2M~1.5M / PM (According to product) high continuous film flow speed By its perfect design of adjustable triangle transmission system, this unit is capable to work with various shape of decoration in different angle adjustment.

1M Semi-AutoDipping Machine with Production Arm

YHT-221A is 1 meter standard dipping machine with production arm which can dip the various shapes of parts and to meet the large volume requirement. Different kinds of size and types are all available for the demand. OPTIONS: A2 Production Arm – Aluminum extrusion  AUTO SPRAY ACTIVATOR SYSTEM YHT MANUAL SPRAYING GUN

5M Estación de lavado tipo transportador

Maquina de lavado para WTP Con el lavado de 360 grados usando las boquillas de alto rendimiento, todos los residuos de las películas y el activador serán totalmente eliminados con la perfecta decoración dejada. El alto rendimiento diario de trabajo de la lavadora de banda transportadora y 100% de circulación de agua resultan muy eficientes para  la producción.